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Rank Math Pro

Finally, Rank Math announced the release of a Pro version of their SEO plugin i.e. Rank Math Pro, this fall.

Bhanu Ahluwalia, the founding member of Rank Math, posted this update on his private Facebook group, where he revealed the release date of Rank Math Pro.

Features In Rank Math PRO SEO Plugin

Being a best WordPress SEO plugin, Rank Math had came up with some revolutionary features that will enhance the options to tackle the competition.

Therefore, Rank Math Pro will be fully loaded with many new features, which you may not have seen before in any other popular SEO plugin like Yoast SEO Premium, All in One SEO Package, SEOPress and more.

Here are some sneak peaks of features in Rank Math Pro:

Rank Math Pro Features
Rank Math Pro
Rank math pro features
Features in rank math pro plugin
Features in Rank Math Pro
Rank Math Pro Schema
Rank Math Pro Features
rank math pro image
rank math pro feature
rank math pro sneak peek

What About Free Verson Of Rank Math?

Rank Math had promised to always keep the free version of Rank Math free with all the features you are seeing in the plugin right now. If you are a free version user, then you do not have to worry about paying money.

But of course, upgrading to PRO version will cost you some money.

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Rank Math PRO price

Though Rank Math has fixed the release of Rank Math PRO Plugin, They haven’t fixed the price of a plugin yet.

So to know the actual price of the plugin, you have to wait till the release date.

But, according to the information that I have got, they will have an option for lifetime subscription. But for the limited time period. May be up to a week of release date.

After that, you must purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

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Rank Math PRO Vs Yoast SEO Premium

As I had experience using both plugins, I can honestly say which one of them is the best.

I used Yoast SEO Premium for the last 4 years on my 5 different sites and was a huge fan of it by then.

But, from the day I moved one of my sites to Rank Math, I became its Die Heart fan. And now, I had moved all my sites (including my client’s sites) to the Math rank and, I can see a significant result and boost in organic traffic across all my sites.

So, If you haven’t moved to Rank Math yet, I strongly suggest you to move your site to Rank Math. Because you will get all the features of Yoast SEO Premium in a free version of Rank Math Plugin.

Likewise, Rank Math Premium has a lot of additional features that none of the SEO plugins on WordPress has right now.

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