How to Come Up With the Best YouTube Channel Name

7 tips on naming a YouTube channel name

It’s very much important to take a reflective pause before naming a YouTube channel.

Otherwise, choosing the wrong name may end up being one that you regret later.

As it defines what your channel is about and what value you are providing on your channel.

Guide For Naming a YouTube Channel By Category

Before deciding your YouTube channel name, you must first select which channel name category suits you most.

First Select Channel Name Category:

There are several categories of YouTube channel name. Among them, I will explain the 3 head category below with some live examples:

1. Your Name (e.g Justin Bieber)

Putting your channel name on your first and last name is one of the best, easiest & fastest approach.

Justin Bieber YouTube channel Name

This approach works great for those Youtubers who are singers, vloggers & motivational speakers who want to create a personal brand.

But, this doesn’t mean others cannot use this name category. Everyone who had a plan on being ” Face” of their channel can do this.

For example, Justin Bieber is a singer and celebrity who has a YouTube channel on his own name.

And, his channel is has a great number of subscribers which you can see in the picture above.

2. Brand Name (e.g coca-cola)

Coca Cola YouTube Channel Name

If you had a huge brand or want to create a new brand, then you may go for this.

Here, you can choose the name of your YouTube channel depending on what product or service you promote on your channel.

For example, Coca-Cola is a huge brand whose YouTube channel is based on its brand name.

3. Descriptive (e.g. Best Ever Food Review Show)

YouTube Name Of BestEverFoodReviewShow

These types of channel names are descriptive. Means, if somebody sees your channel can literally know what type of video you put out.

Best Ever Food Review Show Is the best example of it.

We can easily find that the channel is about food review.

Which means, people can easily find what the channel is about just by reading its name.

7 Tips To Come Up With Best YouTube Name

Here are 7 tips and strategies that will help you decide your YouTube channel name:

1. Be Unique

Your channel name should always stand out. Do not copy the exact name of an existing YouTube Channels.

Because copying other’s name will not bring you anything except copyright litigation.

Also, the audience will not visit your channel thinking your channel is a duplicate of others with larger subscribers.

So, focus on bringing a unique channel name.

2. Be Meaningful

PewDiePie – The YouTube channel with a largest numbers subscribers.

Most people think this name doesn’t have any meaning.

If so, they are wrong.

The owner of this YouTube channel Felix Kjellberg is very much smart.

He combined three words Pew, Die & Pie whose meaning is Pew( Sound of a gun), Die( Shuts the gun, dies) & Pie( Rimes of the word “die”).

In this way, you had to think smarter while choosing a YouTube channel name which remains forever with you.

3. Keep Short And Sweet

Short names are easy to remember and understandable.

So, always focus on choosing a short, sweet and creative name for your YouTube channels.

Something long and complicated names will slip from a people’s mind.

so, your motive must not be choosing long and complicated words or sentences.

4. Easy To Spell

If no one can spell your channel name, No one will be going to search it.

If no one will search, then how can you grow it?

For example, the name ” Otorhinolaryngologist ” is very difficult to spell and pronounce compared to the name “Life Hacks”.

But the name “Life Hacks” is short, sweet, easily memorable and catchy.

So, try focusing on choosing a name with easy spelling.

5. Include Capital Letters

If your name has more than one word in it, make the first letter capitalized (Camel Case).

Like in your favorite YouTubers channel, “PewDiePie”.

The capital letter at the beginning of each word makes it visible, easy to understand & pronounce well.

It massively improves the readability of your name. So, consider using this technique to get the coolest YouTube names.

6. Check Availability

Once you grow your YouTube channel, it will become a brand.

So, search for a name whose domain name and social media username are not already taken away.

It’s not necessary that you should search for a .com domain availability.

Any domain name like .org, .co, .biz e.t.c will work for YouTube. Otherwise, you can take help tool like Domain name Search to find the suitable domain name for your channel.

This is important because you may take help from other platforms, to grow your brand in the future.

7. Avoid Using Numbers

Until and unless you had a good reason, try not to tag numbers on your YouTube channel name.

Many people do this because the name they want is already been taken.

But doing this makes your name looks unprofessional.

If this is a case with you, don’t settle down to try searching for other terms related to it.

Mistakes While Naming a YouTube Channel

There are several mistakes that you shouldn’t consider doing while naming your channel, creates a terrible impression on viewers and leads to channel suspension.

Some of them are given below:

1. Avoid Using Offensive Words

I know you will not do this intentionally.

But there are some words which have offensive meaning in other languages that you don’t have to use.

Like “Pitch” whose meaning in Turkey Language is “Bastard or Mongrel”.

You had to avoid this because YouTube is a platform available worldwide.

2. Avoid Numbers and Symbols

” @#$%@World [email protected]

Think for a second, Does this nickname for YouTube channel look good?

No, it doesn’t.

The names given above are very difficult to remember because of the symbols and numbers attached in it.

So, try choosing the name which is easy and memorable and doesn’t contain symbols, numbers & digits.

And in case, if your channel name is not satisfying you or you want to change it again, then here is how you can do that:

How To Change YouTube Channel Name?

4 steps to change YouTube channel name:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube Channel
  2. Click on your account icon > Setting⚙️
  3. Select Edit On Google next to Channel Name
  4. Update Channel Name and Click Ok

Click here to see the guide on how to change your channel details (Channel Icon, Channel Description e.t.c.)

Last Piece Of Advice

Choosing a good channel name helps a lot on your YouTube carrier.

As it attracts more people towards you and your channel, which increase the numbers of subscribers.

However, if you are struggling on coming up with good YouTube channel name, then don’t lose your hope.

After all, content is a king.

So, try focusing on creating interesting content instead of wasting your time on finding the perfect channel name.

Otherwise, you can ask your friends and relatives on finding a good name for your YouTube channel.

Or can use Name Generator for YouTube or YouTube name simulator tools available on the internet.

Here is the list of best YouTube name generators which generates good YouTube names:

  1. Spinxo
  2. Namegenerator
  3. Businessnamegenerator
  4. Kparser
  5. Namegeneratoroid