How To Create People Cards Or Google Add Me To Search

Recently, google lunched a new feature called people card where individual can feature themself on SERP and highlights their personal informations like website and social links e.t.c.

For now, this feature is only available for people living in India.

But, it will be soon rolled out for the rest of the world.

Here is How people cards work?

When person X creates their people card, He/She will appear on the top of search reasult page when someone search for their name.

And, this seems to be challanging because there are many people with the same surnames and same names in this world.

How To Create People Cards?

Here is how to create your people card and add yourself on google:

  1. Go to or simply open Google app.
  2. Search for phrase “Add Me To Search” or “People cards”.
  3. Click on a prompt that appears.
  4. Fill the necessary information like, image your discription, website link and link to social profiles.
  5. Verify your phone number.

How To Create People Card Outside India

You can create you people card even if you aren’t currently in India.

You can simply open the VPN and select any Indian server and follow the exact process given above.

For proof look at the picture below where the woman from Spain had maid her googles people card.

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