How To Get Google AdSense Approval On New Blog

Google AdSense Approval Process For 2020

If you are a blog or a website owner, then AdSense may be the best option for you to make quick cash.

Google AdSense Approval

Especially for those who have less number of traffic coming to their site.

But the only challenge with AdSense is to get approval.

And you’re here, means you want to know “how to get Google AdSense approval quickly“.

If so, this guide will definitely help you get your site approved without a single rejection.

No matter if your blog is small, which has less than 100 traffic or one with millions of page views.

AdSense is for everyone who wants to monetize a blog by selling ad place.

So, with my experience of getting AdSense approval on 10+ sites, I had found 20 key things that Google sees before approving your site for AdSense.

Please read them carefully and follow the instructions given below.

Google AdSense Approval Process

Here Is the process for AdSense approval:

Register for Google AdSense by going to Provide all the necessary information like Your Name, Address and Website URL. Login to your AdSense account, create Ad code and place the code in between <head>…</head> tag of your website and wait until you receive email from Google AdSense.

This is what you’ll find in every blog. But, will your site be approved just by doing this? – Maybe not.

Being the global leader of the Advertising market, AdSense has to make some policies that publishers should follow in order to stick advertisers on their platforms and serve targeted ads to the audience.

So, until and unless your site meets those criteria, they aren’t going to give you approval.

Here are the things which you had to follow if you want to get AdSense approval fast:

  • Use top-level domain name like .com, .org, .co, .ca, .uk, .au, .in, .online e.t.c. Don’t use domain extensions like .tk, .ml, .ooo, e.t.c which google considers as spam.
  • Host your site on Or Sites on other CMS like Blogger and Wix are likely to get rejected.
  • Purchase web hosting from top tier hosting providers( I Personally like Bluehost because they provide great support).
  • Buy fast, clean and pro looking theme( I use Astra on my site)
  • Create all essential pages Like (About, Contact & Privacy Policy e.t.c).
  • Avoid niches like adult, hacking & drug dealing, e.t.c.
  • Create fresh and unique content. Don’t copy blog post from other sites which may lead to a permanent ban from google AdSense.
  • Write in AdSense supported languages like English, Hindi, German, Chinese e.t.c.
  • Write at least 10+ unique articles/posts before applying for AdSense.
  • Post articles longer than 1000 words. Articles shorter than 1000 words don’t rank well on google.
  • If possible, use your own images before applying to Google AdSense. Most of the sites get rejected because of using stock photos.
  • Use graphics as much as you can. If possible Embed YouTube videos on your blog post. But, please don’t add it for the shake of adding. Only add videos and images that are relevant to your blog post.
  • Connect social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube e.t.c. This shows Google that you are a trustworthy person.
  • Comply with google webmaster guidelines.
  • Focus on getting more organic traffic. Although Google doesn’t care about the traffic too much, it will be plus point for getting approval.
  • Add ad code properly inside <head>…</head> tag of your website. You can use plugins like insert header and footer to do this job.
  • Wait at list 7 days after applying to AdSense because google sometimes takes 1 weak time to verify your site manually.
  • If your site is new(Less than 1 month old) than it may get rejected on a first attempt.
  • So, last but not least, keep applying until your site gets approved.

Page Views Required For Google AdSense Approval

In general, your blog will get Adsense approval if it meets all the criteria given above.

But, it would be better if your blog gets more than 100 organic traffic per month. There are no specific criteria for site traffic that is set by Google to get approval.

So, I request you to focus on your post rather than in pageviews.

Once you create quality content on your blog, you will automatically start getting organic traffic on your blog.

Here is a detailed guide on How you can increase your site traffic within a month or a less.

Pages Required For Google AdSense Approval

Your blog site must contain necessary pages like about, contact, privacy policy, disclosure e.t.c.

Also, it must contain 10 to 15 unique articles in order to get Google AdSense approval. Sites with less than 10 posts will definitely get rejected.

How can I get AdSense approval fast?

To get Google AdSense approval fast, your site must follow the Google webmaster guidelines.

How long does Google AdSense take to approve?

In general, google AdSense approval takes 24 to 48 hours now. But, in some cases, it may take up to weak.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

Your AdSense earning depends upon various factors such as the niche of your website, country of your site visitors and much more. But, on average google pays $8 dollar per 1000 impression.

Final Words From Me

Many new bloggers lose their hope after getting rejection mail from Google AdSense. But, let me make it clear to you, AdSense is not only a way to make money from your blogs. There are many other ways to make money blogging in 2020.

In addition, there are thousands of other passive income ideas from which you can make a good income online.

So, please don’t lose your hope and keep doing what you love.Thank You.

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